A message of gratitude in a time of crisis

March 18th, 2020



Amidst the stress and confusion of the pandemic, I wanted to personally share a brief message of gratitude.

In a time of fearful uncertainty, what we see in our community is a deep concern for others. When the vast majority of us are healthy, you’re practicing social distancing and taking extra caution with cleanliness to ensure the more vulnerable are protected. When neighbors and local business are struggling, you’re lending a helping hand. When you’re mandated to stay at home, you’re reaching out to friends and family electronically to buoy spirits.

Following Monday’s announcement by the governor I was impressed by our founders at the City of Lacey, the Thurston Economic Development Council, and Saint Martin’s University and their rapid action to put people first by closing the makerspace. Behind the scenes operations continue, and like many of you, I’m working remotely until the danger ebbs. We’ll plan new classes and events based on current information, and will adjust schedules as the situation changes. As the public health emergency has changed how we interact, likewise we will be holding ourselves and our makers to a higher standard upon reopening.

Thank you for your continued support. During our closure, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly. We wish you well and hope to see you soon.


Joseph Anderson