Equipment Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities

Have something you’d like to donate or loan?
We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible!

Here are the top items that would make a difference:

  • CNC Water Jet – cuts thick sheets of metal, ceramic, plastic & glass with water
  • 48″+ Dual Fiber/CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver – cuts and engraves on thin sheets of wood, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic with laser
  • Dye Sublimation Printer – prints detailed graphics onto plastic, paper, fabric
  • CNC Metal Mill – carves blocks of metal
  • CNC Metal Lathe – carves a rotating piece of metal
  • Benchtop Grinders & Buffers – cleans up welded & cut metal
  • Handheld Plasma Cutter – cuts sheet metal with plasma
  • Hydraulic Press – presses two pieces of metal together
  • Pan & Box Brake – bends sheet metal
  • Manual Metal Mill – carves blocks of metal, hand controlled
  • Metal Lathe – carves a rotating piece of metal
  • Hand Grinders – cleans up welded & cut metal
  • Metal Tubing Bender/Notcher – bends and notches metal pipe & tube
  • Benchtop Vise – holds metal securely
  • Blast Cabinet – sprays abrasive to polish metal
  • Propane Forge – super-heats metal
  • Anvil – pounds metal into new shapes
  • Resin 3D Printer – prints 3D objects in resin solution
  • Handheld 3D Scanner – takes high resolution scans of large physical objects
  • Multi-Filament 3D Printing Feeder – feeds multiple colors/materials into 3D printer
  • Tall 3D Printer – 3D prints large objects
  • 4’x8’+ CNC Router – cuts large sheets of wood
  • Spindle Sander – sands curves of wood pieces
  • Router Table – routes edges and shapes into wood
  • Downdraft Table – sucks sanding sawdust off work surface
  • Overhead Air Filter – suck sawdust out of the air
  • AC Power Supply – supplies exact AC current to electronic device
  • DC Power Supply – supplies exact DC current to electronic device
  • Oscilloscope – displays signal voltages
  • Function Generator – generates electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies
  • Universal Counter – measures the frequency of an input signal
  • Industrial Sewing Machine – sews heavier and larger fabric
  • Laptops or desktops with integrated graphics card and large ram (for 3D design software)
  • Tablets or Ipads with good cameras (for events and classes)
  • Projector with high lumens (for classes and workshops)
  • Soundbar (for classes and workshops)
  • Monitors with high resolution (for 3D design software)
  • Network Licenses for software (i.e. AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  • Sheets of quality 1/8″ or 1/4″ hardwood plywood for the laser cutter
  • Sheets of 1/8″ to 1/2″ metal for the cnc plasma cutter
  • Sheets of 1/16″ to 1/4″ acrylic for the laser cutter
  • PLA, ABS, and PETG filament for 3D printing
  • Thread for sewing machines
  • Spray paint for everything
  • Colored vinyl rolls 12″ wide for vinyl cutter
  • Leather for laser cutter
  • Ask about other options!

Tools must be in good working order, please call or email today! [email protected]

What about that drill in my shed? Yes, we’re always interested in power tools in order to provide all class members opportunities to use tools.