Samuel, innovator

My name is Samuel B. and I am a serial Inventor and Entrepreneur.  I have been a client of the Lacey MakerSpace since almost the very inception and I can say that without access to their cutting edge technology, equipment and skilled technicians I would still be struggling with developing my initial product concept. Prior to finding LMS, it would take me 3-5 times the amount of time to develop and create my prototype and 4-5 times more than it costs me at LMS to create a scaled high fidelity prototype.

Currently I am also a client of the Thurston County SBDC where by they are helping me finalize my business plan, while guiding me through the process of pitching to both local and regional Venture Capital investment organizations. None of this would have been possible with out the access and assistance that I have received from LMS.

Secondly to this, their holistic approach that also includes hosting inventor specific educational seminars has been vital in providing me with the information that I needed to help me file for my US Provisional Patent Application, so again without LMS I wouldn’t be currently “Patent Pending” as I am today.

Finally for the small cost of supporting LMS, once my business is funded and up and running, we are expecting that this assistance will produce a net positive GDP boost of six to seven figures in the first year for the local economy and provide 1-3 high paying manufacturing and transport jobs with an average salary of $4,500 per month each.

So from an avid inventor and entrepreneur thank you once more for helping support the Lacey MakerSpace.


Best wishes; Samuel

Vince, innovator

The MakerSpace has been a critical part of my research into how lunar landers could behave during the critical time when they are operating their rockets close to the surface of the Moon.  The MakerSpace was able to provide printed scale models of rocket and lander components that would have taken a great deal of time and expense to create using other methods.  The research that the MakerSpace enabled helped me complete my Master's Degree Studies and is already providing benefits to Humanity's efforts to return to the Moon and proceed to other worlds.  I am looking forward to utilizing the MakerSpace for ongoing work with commercial spacecraft developers and other research organizations.

Best regards,


John, entrepreneur

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved in operating the Lacey MakerSpace, for doing a fine job, and making tools and equipment available to those who do not have their own. The staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and helpful, but moreover, as interested in getting the members projects done as the members are.

My wife and I run an established ceramic art business. We wanted to expand and give laser art a try. The initial costs for such a venture are overwhelming, and therefore prohibitive. Lacey MakerSpace provided the perfect vehicle. We were able to use their laser and knowledge to produce our prototypes and get started, which would have been impossible otherwise.

I want to specifically thank Joseph Anderson for all his help and encouragement.

John W.

Joseph, maker

I have lived in Lacey for over 10 years. But I have spent my whole life looking for a community like the one that exists in the MakerSpace. Everyone there wants to help you be a better maker. Being able to walk in, and all the tools I could dream of using are at my fingertips, is truly an incredible feeling. You are only limited by your imagination.

My wife and I used the MakerSpace to make signage for our wedding. A few of the things we made were road signs, photo frames, and cake toppers. Using the MakerSpace helped us make the most of our wedding budget. Saving us money and also giving us the opportunity to make our wedding more personal.

Makerspaces deserve to be funded in the same way that libraries are. The Lacey Makerspace is an invaluable community resource. As living becomes more urban, less people are going to be able to keep a garage full of tools. Everyone can be a maker. The MakerSpace has a community of people willing to volunteer their time to help you learn everything you need to know. The tools they provide you access to, can be the gateway into a new career or hobby.


Paul, sculptor

The MakerSpace showed me a new frontier of technology and the application that technology could have on my creations, art, and especially sculpture and cartoon art. Coming from a place where a lot of work and momentum had stopped and my work was stuck in limbo, the realization of my ideas manifesting into something real was not being met. Once I saw my cartoon character in a real life form before my eyes, it really rekindled my hopes for the dream of these creations to come to life and become materialized figurines for model animation, toys etc.  The next thing was very unexpected, to suddenly be introduced to and begin learning the industrial levels of software used by professional manufacturers in the real world who produce real products, toys and devices.  I am now finally in the process of reaching a greater level of achievement in mechanical and engineering design, along with printing for film, prop and set designs for our ongoing broadcasts. A dream like this meant everything in the world to me and impacted how I felt viewed by colleagues, the professional world and even my family.  The support team and the supportive efforts afterwards have increased greatly. Along with a new phase of my life process and learning an amazing new technology, it's been more of a privilege to be able to apply 3D printed characters to our broadcasts and live musical acts and televised shows, so the speed and level of achievement was greatly helped along by the successful projects and the successfulness of the team at the maker space's clear, professionally proficient guidance through the entire process from beginning to end or from dream to something you could really begin building.  The experience at the Lacey MakerSpace has provided the knowledge and experience needed to make my company real and better all the time.  With the tools that I received from my experience at the Lacey makers space. I look forward to continuing our growth with this great community. Thanks Lacey MakerSpace.

Sincerely, Paul M.

Tom, maker

The Lacey MakerSpace has been a great place to learn tools I had only ever seen online, from laser cutters to 3D printers and design software. My fix-it abilities have grown immensely. I've made dryer knobs, cat toys, art frames, models of mountains, lantern parts and many more. There's always a friendly member or volunteer to help understand what to do.

Tom B.

Andrew, teacher

The Lacey MakerSpace has been a great addition to our community. I have been a member since it opened, and I have been able to teach several classes there as well. As a maker, I have relied on access to tools that I do not have at home. The laser cutter and the large 3D printers have helped me complete several projects that I would not have been able to otherwise.

As a high school CTE teacher, I have been able to help the MakerSpace by offering classes in 3D printing and 3D design. The 3D printing classes allow students to go from a simple design to an object they can hold over the course of a morning. The eight-week Fusion 360 class gave students an in depth understanding of how to create 3D designs that can then be used in prototyping and manufacturing. The biggest take away from these classes was not just the skills, but confidence that students could be makers.


Rick, woodworker

I attended the original Lacey MakerSpace open house last summer and was immediately impressed with the possibilities of the facility and the knowledge of the staff. I started work as a volunteer, while only there four hours a week, I was amazed at the support of the community through their donations, (Each Wednesday was like Christmas. “What did we get new this week?”). More impressive was the volunteers who came through with all sorts of life skills and experiences and the skills they brought. Coupled with a friendly spirit and willingness to share those skills made it an exciting place to be. I have learned new skills while adding what I could by the communal effort. This facility and organization have the ability to become a true gem in our community. I heartily recommend any support that you are able to provide. Joseph and the staff will use the resources wisely and effectively.

W/R, Rick G.