Equipment Available for Use at the Lacey MakerSpace

We have tools and equipment to make almost any project in almost any medium.

Our equipment comes primarily from grants and donations and this list will change and grow as we do.   

Listed with the equipment is machine time pricing*, manuals and instructional videos where available.

Click a category below to view information about our current equipment.

Machine Time


Some machines have an extra fee due to high operating or consumable costs. Always check with a staff member before using for the first time.

Not certified? Ask a staff member how to gain access!  


Machine time charges per 1 hour:  

Laser Cutter     $30 
CNC Router     $20  
CNC Plasma     $40  
3D Printing*     $2  
Welding     $40  
Oxy Acetylene     $20  

Machine time is subject to billing by 15-minute increments. 
*Subject to change. Also dependent on type of printing   

Remember, members receive FREE machine credit every month!

Maker Members and Student & Military members receive up to $30 machine credit towards their membership dues each month. 

Makers must demonstrate safe usage before using any tools. Already skilled? Schedule time with a staff member to get checked off.

Starting from scratch? Take a class or schedule time with a mentor.


Makers are responsible for providing their own materials and tool consumables (e.g. wood, metal, fabric, sandpaper, paint, etc.). We often have some scrap materials left over from larger projects and fellow makers; check with a staff member to see what's available.

We can help you source your materials for your project, too! 


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