What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is an innovator's workshop, where makers with brilliant ideas can access tools and training to bring new products to market.
We bring varied disciplines together under one roof to facilitate the cross‐pollination of ideas. Creativity is born from exposure to new concepts and methods, which is what makes a makerspace so valuable.

Why create a makerspace?

The three founders (City of Lacey, Saint Martin's University, Thurston Economic Development Council) want to provide a opportunity to those without access to tools and training. Innovators can now get a "hand in" to the local economy to realize their idea and start a business. Workers can gain new skills, and students can expand their horizons.

Who can use the Lacey MakerSpace?

Everyone! The MakerSpace is available to makers 12 and up. Have a project in mind? Bring it to the MakerSpace!
Are you a student or active/retired military? Membership discounts are available to get your creative juices flowing.

How do I access the workshop and tools?

Become a member! Members gain full access to the MakerSpace tools (for safety reasons, you must be certified to use a tool). Sign up on our Membership page.

What tools do you have?

Woodworking, metalworking, textiles, electronics, and more. Check out the Equipment page for the full list. Many of our tools have been generously donated or loaned by community members! Donations are tax-deductible.

How do I get certified to use a tool?

Easy, show us that you can use it safely! Not sure how to use it? You can take one of our regularly scheduled classes or sign up for a 1:1 mentoring session with one of our highly skilled Maker staff. Note: classes and mentoring are discounted to members.

What classes do you offer?

3D modeling, laser cutting, welding, sewing, and more! Check out the Classes page for the latest.

I'm skilled in X, can I teach at the makerspace?

Absolutely! We welcome a broad range of maker crafts, email the director to get started.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We rely on volunteers to teach classes, maintain tools, mentor other makers, you name it! Sign up here!

How are you funded?

Most services (especially our memberships) are primarily funded through community sponsors. We need your help! See our giving page for opportunities to contribute.

Why does it cost to be a member?

The true cost of membership is closer to $300 per month, but thanks to community sponsors, membership are subsidized. Our goal is to reduce the barrier to entry, so the more sponsors come on board, the lower memberships become! You can make a difference by inviting your friends, employer, or government representative to become a sponsor.

What can't you make at the Lacey MakerSpace?

Weapons, anything illegal, and anything dangerous. If you're unsure if your project qualifies, speak to a staff member before getting started.

How do I connect with other makers?

Currently the best way is via our Facebook group. We're working on a directory for members to contact each other (with permission), stay tuned.

Can you make something for me?

Let's find out! Contact us to discuss your project and how we can help.

Do you help with building a new business?

Yes! Our three founders are able to assist budding entrepreneurs to be successful. Check out the programs at the Thurston EDC to get started.

Are there any additional tool fees?

Most tools are free to use with a membership. There are a few tools with high consumable costs that have an additional fee after you've used your free amount. See the Equipment list for details.

Do you provide materials?

Materials are not generally available at the MakerSpace; members should plan to bring your own. Check with a staff member to see what materials/consumables your tool uses before you start a project. Often makers donate their leftover materials for general use (staff will show you where), and we do have a few materials available for purchase (laserable plywood, acrylic, end mills, etc.).

Do you have project storage available?

We have a limited number of lockers and shelves available for short term storage of smaller projects and supplies. Storage of larger projects must be pre-approved by staff.

Have a question that didn't get answered?

Email [email protected].

Our website is still under construction, But our facility is back Open! Come check out the new space.